Code of CLAN Conduct:

We are a team above all else. We are friends second. We are family third. We act, run, and fight as One. No matter the cost, no matter the time, we will never surrender, never retreat, and never leave one of us behind.
We conduct ourselves with Honor, Integrity, and Sportsmanship. We report hackers, modders, cheaters, and dishonorable players such as boosters, and constant jumpers.
We will NEVER “T-Bag” any player, regardless of how they play or treat us.
We will perform to the best of our abilities, regardless of how much we want to slack off.
We will never allow dissension from within our ranks, and we will never allow outsiders to divide us from one another.
We ARE Spartans, and we will DESTROY our enemies, while holding strong to one another.
Together we stand, Divided we fall.

We are SPARTANS. We stand together as one.

The home of the Spartan IV's.Wake Up.
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To all the returning members of the former clan, welcome home.
To all the new recruits, we welcome you with open arms, with the understanding that you will hold yourself accountable, be trustworthy,
honorable, loyal, can take orders, and can be a sportsman.


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